A blue-glass bottle, cobwebbed with beauty

On Thursday, I turn thirty years old.  On the Thirtieth of this month, I’ll be received into the Episcopal Church.  In doing this, I’ll be breaking a stated promise to myself — I swore never to be called a Christian again.  I didn’t want to proclaim allegiance to any group that I felt was exclusionary in any way.  What I didn’t expect was finding such an inclusive, vibrant, accepting community in the hallowed walls of a church, which I have at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in San Francisco.  I want to start this blog to explore the ambivalence of my faith, and how it is being shaped radically by the experience of becoming a mother.  Perhaps by making this internal revolution more public, I will be able to make meaning of these things, which come mostly to me in images and feelings.

3 thoughts on “A blue-glass bottle, cobwebbed with beauty

  1. Excited for your new blog because I’ve always thought you had interesting things to say. Also, I’m always interested to hear how people fall out of Christianity…and sometimes back into it. Also want to hear how having a daughter adds to your faith and spirituality. Keep writing!

  2. Stumbled across your blog this morning and am so grateful that I did. Your words are poignant and I feel connected. Look forward to reading more!

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