My life as a circus.

Lately I feel that I am juggling too many things, so I am doing almost all of them poorly.  Tiny Fey wrote about being a working mom in her awesome book Bossypants, “What is the rudest question you can ask a woman? ‘How old are you?’”What do you weigh?” No, the worst question is: ‘How do you juggle it all?’ (Read more  This is true, because you simply can’t.  Some things just drop, and hopefully they hit the net below and bounce back, but sometimes… they just die. 
The tipping point for me lately is that I took on another part-time job, bringing me up to full-time work.  We really needed this financially, and I am really interested in the work, but since I also didn’t want to spend less time with my daughter, we didn’t get more childcare.  I just fit the 15 hours of this new job in to the days that I am with her, and the weekends.  In theory, this is working fine.  I’m getting the job done, Olive is great in meetings, and my husband is loving extra time just with her to play on Saturday and Sunday.  But in reality, some really important things to me are being lost in the shuffle.  One of them, obviously, is writing.  I started this blog thinking I would really craft each entry, and only write when I had something important to reflect upon.  But now that I am in a constant battle between the urgent vs. the important vs. oh-my-god-I’m-so-tired-I-might-die, nothing seems vital enough to take the hour or so to sit down, think, and put thoughts into words.  So, for the next while, I’m going to write a blog post per day.  This means, my post may get sort of inane, but I hope not.  I hope something beautiful will emerge from the stone, like Michelangelo put into practice — that if I give myself this slab of stone and will myself to bring something from it, magic will happen.  And if not, you’re just going to hear a lot about all the cake I ate that day.

2 thoughts on “My life as a circus.

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  2. Writing is a writer’s life-blood and soul; we need it to survive the way we need food and water and love. It’s an essential part of our lives ~ so tell us all about the cake, the icing, the thoughts, the shoes, the drama, the milk, the babytalk. Anything you wish. I am happy to read it ~ if it helps you to keep the writing craft going to know someone out there is! (Reading, that is.) Go mama! Love to you on your magical journey.

    ~”The other Rhea”

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