I have received such a wonderful outpouring of support the past few days.  The most exciting and helpful kinds were people offering to help me imagine what my next steps could be.  I have gotten some inquiries into whether I’m interested in some freelance writing work, to which I have rendered a hearty YES.  Does anyone else know anyone who needs some writing work done?  Please send it my way.  This writer is open for business.  I’ve also spoken to some really wise people in my community that have been forced to reinvent themselves as well, and it has been encouraging and validating to hear their stories.  I’ve been approaching people who have kick-ass jobs, and asking them how they got there, and if they have any advice for a fledgling in search of such career ass-kickery.  This is not really an easy thing, as many of these people are incredibly awesome and it’s intimidating to imagine they could be interested in helping little ol’ me.  But I am learning something important in this process:

I’m tired of living a life where everyone pretends to be fine all the time.  I prefer real.  Some people value that trait, and some people absolutely do not.  I am ready to be in a place in my life where authenticity is nurtured, not tamped down.

So, I approached some awesome people, and one of them is meeting with me next week.  He asked me some reflective questions, to prepare for our meeting: What kinds of people do I want to work with?  What do I want to spend my time at work doing?  What companies/agencies do I admire and am interested in working for?  I have been enjoying pondering these questions, allowing myself to dream big at this current stage — when you have nothing, you can imagine that anything is possible!

I am incredibly grateful for my community.  One of you even sent me an anonymous gift card to a high-end grocery store near my house!  I publicly thank you, Mystery Day-Maker, for the cornish game hen and salted caramel ice cream I will buy with said gift card.  Just kidding, we’ll get necessities.  But I hope it is established salted caramel ice cream falls under that category.  Seriously, that was incredibly kind.  And everyone who has offered me advice, sat with me while I despaired, or even just sent the amazingly encouraging words, “You got this” — I say to you, thank you.  And I wish for you what is definitely happening to me:

3 thoughts on “Reinvention

  1. If you have a gift-card to Bi-Rite … GET SALTED CARAMEL. It really does make many, many things better … for a fairly long time, if you eat slowly!

  2. Hi Rhea,
    I never read blogs, they never capture me and I find them to remote- except for yours! Yours is amazing. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Feel free to call me anytime. You are loved and admired and will absolutley find what you need! Xoxo juls

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