Gratitude as a Re-charging Force

Thanksgiving came not a moment too soon for me this year.  I really needed a reason to train my mind on gratitude, and a mandate to simply enjoy time with my family.  Of course I had to combat an almost constant stream of nightmare-kaleidoscope thinking — the kind where you keep shifting your troubles around in your head, trying to create a picture that makes sense, finding only apocalyptic scenes instead of pretty designs made out of colored shapes.  Good ol’ Freud said that “love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness”.  So, since the brick sitting on my chest is due to one, I think the only remedy is the other.  Thankfully, I had some really good people to help me cultivate love:

They are not about to put on a puppet show, but they are both still really awesome.

This little gal makes EVERYTHING better.

It was a really lovely long weekend, full of Beatles sing-alongs, Eucharist with the Franciscan Sisters for Buy Nothing Day, shopping at Rare Device for Small Business Saturday with my girl Cici, a hot date with my husband, a planning meeting with Felix & Joel for a futuristic performance-art piece in February, and re-watching the Sound of Music, which I found really inspiring this time around.  I connected with Maria more than ever, as a misunderstood dreamer who finds her way.  This song, in particular, was a shot in the arm:

I’m trying to muster up that confidence for the weeks and months to come.  Gratefully I have Advent to help me, a time of waiting for redemption.

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