Shake the World

Olive’s fortune cookie on Sunday said: “Joy comes from adventure today.  Time to shake the world.”  And that is exactly what this girl has been doing.

photo by Chris Schlarb

San Francisco had been experiencing an oddly rain-free winter, until this week, when the deluge started, hardcore.  Although I know the earth really needs the rain,  it sure makes parenting a toddler who has been cosmically charged to “shake the world” pretty difficult.  Yesterday I totally killed it by planning back-to-back indoor playdates, baking banana bread with crystallized ginger and chocolate chips, and having lots of rainy day vinyl dance jams.  Today, all my plans fell through and Olive is looking at me like, “You, again, all day?  In this tiny place?”  But we are doing our best, playing “DJ”, in which Olive wears headphones, sits at her Papa’s keyboard, and pretends to be playing whatever music is coming from the speakers, and having lots of tickle breaks.

Help me out Mamas, Papas, creative types of all persuasions: what are your favorite indoor rainy day activities?  And don’t say “Curling up with book, tea, and cat by the window” because that is EXACTLY what I want to do, y’alls.  Gotta consider the small person.



9 thoughts on “Shake the World

  1. Walks in the rain are fun! Get the rain gear out and resign yourself to everyone getting a little wet, but seriously, the rain can be entertaining. I highly recommend floating leaves wherever the rain is pooling and chasing after them. Also, trips to the grocery store never get old. Lastly, when all else fails and we’re stuck inside, changing the scenery works wonders. Close yourselves into a room so that it’s not just one open space – spend time in the bedroom, then kitchen, then bathroom. Weird but it works – forces you to zero in on contained activities one at a time. Also our playdate yesterday was a blast!

  2. We live in a tiny place too. Painting is fun, coloring, playdough, my little one likes destroying block towers, you can get books on cd from the library, put salt in a shoebox, with this it is fun to practice letters. Finger-painting with food:

    That is a few. There are alot of good ideas from books at the library and online too! =) Hope this inspires you some. =)

  3. Although we had a blast at your house yesterday, we are finding it difficult to deal with the rain as well. Yesterday we baked too! Poppy has now been introduced to my favorite indulgence: BROWNIES! As for some other ideas, today we built a fort out of couch cushions, painted, colored and did some dancing. This afternoon we’re going swimming at the community pool. I think that playing dress up might be fun too. There’s this book my mom got me called ‘The Toddlers Busy Book’ and there’s a whole chapter on rainy day activities. Here’s a few that are pretty self explanatory: Blanket riding, Grocery Store, Fun with Kleenex, and Magic Mud (ooblek – cornstarch and water). And last but not least, quite a bit of singing happens at our house. Today’s favorite: Rain Rain Go Away:)

  4. Everyone had great suggestions! Did I see any bubble fun in there (good for at least 10 minutes)? Oh, “finger painting” with shaving cream or whip cream. Other sensory activiites, like filling up a bowl with rice or dried beans and using cups and spoons to play around. Hmmm, Olive’s age is tricky because you don’t want her to eat what you are using for the activity. I wish I were home so we could playdate tomorrow! xoxo

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