Cabin Fever Outbreak: Contained!

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be really fun, thanks to your comments, dear readers! When Olive awoke (after only a ONE hour nap, sweet jesus, Daylight Savings you screwed everything up and I am coming for you!!) we had a short playdate which got me in the right spirit to get creative. We did almost everything you all suggested. We took Rebecca’s recommendation to take a rainy walk to the grocery store. We came home and put salt in a box and dug our hands into it, following Joanna’s idea. Rosy gave us two gems: we baked brownies, and did a LOT of magic carpet rides, Olive’s little face looked up at me with wonder from the blanket, giggling maniacally as she held on for dear life.
Olive is really getting into baking, which makes sense because it’s so sensory and has delicious results. She stirred the batter so well that she told herself, “Good girl! Good job!” as she was doing it. I concurred.

She didn’t even know it was edible (which is why she has a piece of bread in her mouth in the above photo) until I took a tiny spoonful of it, put it in a little bowl, and taught her how to dip her finger in and have a taste of the chocolaty goodness. As I suspected it would, it COMPLETELY blew her mind. “MMMMMM!” she exclaimed, actually smacking her lips and totally cracking me up. Can you imagine having brownie batter for the very first time?? And in that moment, even though I was tired of being in the house all day for the 2nd day in a row with a small person, I was so very glad to be present for this.

"Oh, what's this?"


" It's the best EVER!!"

Being with her all the time means I don’t have to miss any of the firsts. It is a privilege, and I’m not going to take one second of it for granted.  Even the boring seconds.
She didn’t actually get to eat any of the baked brownies — I saved them for a late night dessert for Joel and I once I got home from work, a chance for us to sit down together and connect, since we both have full day jobs AND evening work to do. So, they were the brownies that kept on giving — a new experience for my baby girl, a moment alone with my husband, and a delicious chocolate fix for my belly.  Today should be a little easier — the rain has calmed down enough for me to plan several forays out into the world, but I am so grateful to you all for giving me a whole list of toddler activities to try the next time I have that itchy cabin fever.

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