We Shape Ourselves: New Work by Suzanne Forrester

I am really looking forward to going to this art show with my boo on our date tonight, so I thought I’d share with you what I wrote about it:

Suzanne Forrester, "Cardiovasculare". Photo by Teresa Aguilera

For years, every time I go to a friend’s house, I find one of Suzanne Forrester’s haunting paintings hanging — a woman holding a fish on a hook, her eyes beseeching, hangs over a desk in a therapist’s office.  Another lass cradles a bird, sewn on with thread but still looking like it might fly off the canvas, and hangs over a baby’s changing table.

Mission-dwelling curators of art have been quietly snatching up Forrester’s work from her shows in cafes and stores to add color and emotion to the walls of their homes, offices, and studios.

Forrester is finally moving out of the private sector and into the public, with her first studio show at Million Fishes Gallery, on Friday from 7-10pm.  She will be showing with Joanne Ludwig, in a show entitled We Shape Ourselves, a perfect metaphor for what Forrester has been doing in the art world, creating a path for herself that is anything but cookie-cutter.

Million Fishes Gallery, 2501 Bryant St. @ 23rd,  Friday March 16th, 7-10pm


In other awesome show news, my Listen To Your Mother show tickets are now on sale!  You can snap one up here.

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