Fitter, Happier

You guys, I think I’m losing weight. I know, not what you were expecting from Miss Rad Bod, right? But listen, seriously, I have no idea if I’m thinner or not, but I’m starting to feel amazing about my body, and since my stupid brainwashed understanding of body image is that that must mean I’m skinny now, that’s the thought that runs through my head: “I’m feeling good. Have I lost weight?”

It’s the common phrase you hear when a woman compliments another woman, and sometimes it slips out before you even mean to. “You look good… are you losing weight?” it just rolls off the tongue, as we’ve heard our mothers and grandmothers say it time and again. Well, thanks to Lena Dunham I have an awesome comeback for this now, “No, I think people just remember me fatter.”

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of chances to use this witty reply lately, as several people have asked me if I’m svelter. Well, it would be completely for lack of trying, if it were true, as Operation Rad Bod has put the kibosh on me obsessing about my weight in any way, shape, or form. I eat dessert every single night, usually something insanely fatty like cake or chocolate pot de creme. However, I also take cardio dance class 4 times a week and I walk everywhere, but I don’t do those things to slim down, I do them because I want to. And because I don’t have a car.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I actually did lose weight, simply by accepting my body the way it is? That would really turn the entire weight-loss industry on its head! I have no idea if it’s true, and I’m not about to ruin a good thing by stepping on a scale, but I needed to take a minute to celebrate how Operation Rad Bod turned my summer ritual of hating on my body into a summer of love. Self-love. It’s paying off in the best ways — my husband has been calling me his “sex-pot”, and giving me “that look” quite a bit more often. I think that self-confidence is just attractive, whether you weigh 120 pounds or 220.  Even my daughter is heaping on the compliments – we play this game where she propels me around the room by pressing on my butt, and I say, “Why you pushing on my booty?!” which makes her cackle with glee. Yesterday, when I asked her the signature question, she said, “Because it’s so cute!” What a charmer.

So, even as the summer winds down, I’m going to continue with Operation Rad Bod, because whether or not it’s creating an hourglass out of me, it’s definitely making me feel better about myself, and that was the whole goal! More and more women have come up to me and told me they were inspired by these posts, so I’m calling it a successful experiment, and might just make it a life philosophy.

Screw the naysayers, love your body!

7 thoughts on “Fitter, Happier

  1. You should read Matt Stone’s philosophy is exactly what you are experiencing! stop stressing about food, eat what you crave and your adrenals will thank you which leads to a less stressed body that burns calories more efficiently.

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