Monthly Creative Wrap-Up: Write, Shake, Repeat.

Following periods of turmoil, whether internal or on a national level, I often experience an outpouring of creativity.  Well, this was one of those months.  I wrote more than ever, danced my butt off, and my whole being positively zinged with the desire to create.

It’s been a good month for all things writerly. I received my contributer copy of the first anthology I’ve ever been published in, which I wrote about here. I didn’t know what to expect from this literary journal, but I was incredibly impressed with the caliber of poetry and essays it contains. The way one piece flows into another is so satisfying. It felt amazing to be in such good company.

The publication I write for regularly, The Equals Record, is moving into print, and they accepted a piece of mine for the inaugural edition. They launched their Indigogo campaign two weeks ago, and I hope that you’ll pre-order the first book there, as it is sure to be something you’ll want to hold on to. The editors have invested so much curation and beauty in the publication. And since I’ve been doing so much hustling for them behind the scenes, they offered me an Editor at Large title! So, if you contribute, in addition to supporting ad-free writing and design, you’ll be helping my debut as an editor.

Some of the lovely loot you can reward yourself with by supporting Equals in Print.

Some of the lovely loot you can reward yourself with by supporting Equals in Print.

I also got word that a piece of mine was accepted for the publication Literary Mama, on their After Page One blog series about parent writers.  So, head over to their site on July 1st to read words of mine, or go over there now as well to catch up on that inspiring series in advance.

The other exciting thing that happened this month was I got to participate in a lovely little act of flash mobbery in Union Square with my fellow dancers from Rhythm and Motion. It was the kick-off event to Bay Area Dance Week, which I look forward to this week every year – a chance to discover a new dance form, and be a part of a celebration of dance.

Shaking it in Union Square

Shaking it in Union Square

The event in Union Square was unbelievably heart-warming. The philosophy of the dance classes I take at ODC through Rhythm and Motion is: “Anyone can dance”, and people of all ages and all walks of life showed up to do this flash mob in the heart of the city. Seeing the old folks troupe and the children in their school blazers was particularly heart-pulling. When we had a chance to join in the action, I couldn’t stop smiling. With the sun beating down, sometimes going in the wrong direction, I threw myself into the fray and had a blast. It felt like the embodiment of what we practice in class — shaking our bodies no matter what happens — out in the world.

Another incredibly inspiring experience was going to the ballet with my friend Nehemiah, who is a student at SFBS.  He took me to see Cinderella, Christopher Wheeldon’s magical re-telling of the Grimm Brother’s version of the fairy tale.  Not only was Maria Kochetkova’s vulnerable dancing in the main role filled with risk and beauty, but I was blown away by the loveliness of this version of the old story, in which the mother watches over her daughter in the form of a tree that sprouts from her daughter’s tears.  I want to get Olive a copy of this version of the story, instead of the sanitized and mother-less Disney film.  The visual effects were so stunning yet simple that several times, the sold-out audience collectively gasped.  They are bringing back the production in 2014, and I highly recommend checking it out.  It has stayed with me all week, infusing my dancing and my parenting.


I am grateful for all these chances to be a part of creative endeavours — I think it gives me space to be more creative in my play with my daughter, as well.  We’ve been inventing new games, playing a lot of “Queen”, and she’s been practicing her British accent (which is hilarious, her being two and all).  She even found her first imaginary friend. His name is Grover, and he’s from Mexico. They have to communicate mostly through art, since the extent of Olive’s Spanish can be contained in the song “La Araña Grandiosa”. But I think they do alright. The language of friendship is universal.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Creative Wrap-Up: Write, Shake, Repeat.

  1. A most excellent month for you thus far. Congrats on your new relationship with The Equals Record – those folks have it together.

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