I’ve been busy

What are we doing this Spring?

1. Harboring cynicism at picnics
2. Saying “yeah, totally” to summer camping invites we have no intention of going on
3. Noticing other people’s arms
4. Canning
5. Reading books that require dictionaries to understand
6. Cutting our bangs like the toddler neighbor’s
7. Switching to white wine
8. Yelling at pre-teens, regretting it
9. Avoiding parades
10. Picking at calluses
11. Desultory fundraising
12. Answering the 2-year-old’s question, “What is beauty?”
13. Complaining about gentrification whilst gesticulating with a 10 dollar sandwich
14. Waking the baby with our laughter
15. Blueprinting fairy houses to build in the garden


Sorry I haven’t posted lately.  Now you know what I’ve been up to.  What are you doing this summer?


6 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. Oh, I love this. #s 2 and 13, in particular. I am in grad school, which translates into a real vacation, which means days on end free. It’s magical. Baking, cooking, walking, workouts (to try to temper constant eating resulting from items 1&2, reading teen novels, spending quality time with kitties, and a huge house overhaul.

    • Ooh, how fantastic. Thanks for sharing the list items you liked most, that was rad to hear. Your summer sounds incredible. What teen novels are you going to read?

  2. I am working as a camp counselor to a bunch of 5th grade girls. Reading as much as possible. Writing even more than I read. Attempting to start a yoga routine. Learning to be patient.

  3. I looooove that photo you posted with this. I’m still caring for my 92 year old mom and yes, I’m still looking at other people’s arms. And mostly I’m striving to be in Present Moment and actually accomplishing it most of the time. ~Om~ Thank you again for a wonderful post.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad it was meaningful to you. Staying in the present moment is always the best way to go. But rather difficult, actually, which is sort of the secret of life. We have to work for it.

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