Us In Costumes

When I was foraging in our photo storage area for the Frida photo for my last post, I came across a startling amount of photos of Joel and I, in costume.  Apparently, when we were in our 20’s, (a scant 3 years ago but feels like a lifetime, since becoming parents changed so much), we barely took pictures of ourselves unless we were in costume.  And it appears that we wore costumes quite a bit.

So, in honor of Independance Day, I’m independantly posting a bunch of these photos, apropo of nothing.  Because if you don’t have freedom on your blog, where are you free?

I am assuming this was actually the 4th of July, perhaps 12 years ago. Hence the suspenders, and the flag that is (sort of) drawn on the box that is inexplicably over my husband’s head.

These are not even the tip of the iceberg.  I’m just posting the ones that are cracking me up the most today.

I believe this was for a cowboy themed party? I was a space cowgirl named Zena.

These photos are grainy and have red eye.  I love the past.  It looks like my memories feel.

Dancing in an orange leisure suit, sporting my CHiPS Erik Estrada tee underneath. The question is not why, it’s why not?

I look so young in that last one that I can feel myself aging backwards just by viewing it.

70’s-themed jawn, I presume.

We have vivid memories of the Halloween party in the streets of the Castro we attended in 2004. None of us remembered, however, that Joel went as Homey D. Clown. HOW COULD WE FORGET?! Oh, and I was a Stepford Wife.

I got a lot of wear out of that leisure suit. It was so comfortable! You’d dress in costume all the time too, if you had an orange polyester set like this.

So much to wonder about this one. It raises way more questions than it answers. For instance, why did we ever own such a miniature couch?

Sometimes I have days where I think, “I’m in my 30’s and have little to show for it.”  Now, in those moments, I can refer to this post, and remember all that we accomplished, and what I have to say for myself.

I used my freedom in my 20’s to dress bizarrely. With that jumping off point, what will my 30’s hold for me?!

3 thoughts on “Us In Costumes

  1. Awesome pictures! I love finding those treasures! I wish I knew you in your 20s but I’m so glad I have you now!

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