BRING ON THE PIE: A Baking Playlist

Perhaps living in San Francisco has turned us into foodies, but Joel and I started our Thanksgiving prep last night.  Part of me thinks this is just what adults do to pull off holidays – work your butt off every night to make it happen!  I am baking 6 pies for three different events this year, so last night I did all the crusts and 2 of the pies.

Late night pie baking: what I'll be doing every night until Thanksgiving!

Late night pie baking: what I’ll be doing every night until Thanksgiving!

Kids, study your math, and pay attention in chemistry.  Otherwise, when you go to make three times as much pumpkin pie batter, you might accidentely end up with at least two extra pies.  Wait, MORE PIE is actually not a problem.  Okay then, carry on, and if you’re my friend, prepare to eat pie at every event you’ve invited me to (this morning’s playdate to the Exploratorium is no exception – I will be packing pie!)

Good baking music is hard to find.  I usually go straight for Motown, but this year I’m changing it up a bit, which this playlist reflects, including some songs about the gratitude and change that I posted about yesterday.  The first song is a current favorite of my three year old daughter’s, and when she asks for it she says, “Mama, sing ‘Grandma Send Cookies’”.  Which completely cracks me up because they never mention grandmothers, and neither of her grandmothers have ever sent her cookies, but I totally know what she means.

Anyway, here’s a playlist for those of you needing to work out the old rolling pin this week – have fun, and don’t shirk on the butter!

2 thoughts on “BRING ON THE PIE: A Baking Playlist

  1. You know how I love your playlists! Now I wish I were baking for the holidays.
    Ok, I don’t. That is a complete lie.
    I worry about what will happen when we finally kill our mother via stress and worry and all those other things kids use to kill mothers. She’s the family pie-maker.
    I suppose Gabe and I could take over; he can make a decent crust (I can’t) and I can make a kicker filling so, together, we could be a husband-and-wife pie-making team but…I dunno. I think I’d rather have the pie made for me. Because I am very lazy.
    If I had to make pies, I’d be listening to Mariza. I’d be all cryey and shaking my fist and I’d sound passionately miserable. My playlist would be loud and depressing and my pies would be full of sweat and tears.
    So I’m impressed that you are making eleventy-million pies for Thanksgiving and handing them out on the streets. As it were. And I am also impressed that you are all grown up and taking many days to make a holiday because, yes. That is how it is traditionally done. Untraditionally, you call out for food. But the good news is when your kid(s) is grown and assuming she has love for cooking (and can do it well enough), it will be your turn to sit back and have food made for you! At least, that is the theory, from what I understand.

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