Have a Badass Christmas

On this Christmas Eve, I’m taking strength from the fact that Mary and co. were refugees from their homeland, fugitives from Herod, had alarming angels telling them wild things, and still found the courage to resist and bring love into the world.

No matter how far our traditions have come from that humble, radical beginning, remember this fact: the birth of Jesus was a revolutionary act.

No matter how angry I get with God, how baffled I can be by Jesus, and how far I can feel from the Holy Spirit, I always feel down with Mary, that unwed mother, that teen mom, that blazing lioness with a heart of radical acceptance who had her kid in a barn.

No matter how cheerful the world tells me to be, to ignore all the suffering around me, I know Mary feels me on this. It’s okay to feel suffering on Christmas. The Holy Family certainly did. Come with all your snaggly feelings to the manger. There’s joy there, too, not in spite of your suffering, but because of it.

Wishing you the very best this Christmas, in whatever form that takes.

St. Juliens

photo by Alyssa Kapnik

Rhea & family

4 thoughts on “Have a Badass Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas! My faith has been tested a lot this year, especially in the last six or so weeks, but I know I will come out stronger on the other side, not just because of my faith, but because of my friends and family, too.

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  3. Wow, what a revelation to be reminded the origins of Christmas! So Amy of us are so far away from that event, no wonder we are stuck in the madness/sadness/ despair of the season! You bring us back to a space to have our feelings. I love you Thea! And that family photo is amazing! I think Olive might be carrying that one framed where ever she goes in life!

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