Re-setting the Winter

My mom friends and I have been joking that our immune systems have gone ahead and taken this winter off. One mama imagined hers was in Cabo, and another in Bali. But who are we kidding? Our toddlers have taken them and hidden them in one of their little toddler troves, deep under the legos and tiny tea sets.

Our house has been felled by one virus after another this winter, and this week, I got yet another cold, only two weeks after having had a brutal flu. So I stayed home, applied for jobs, reviewed some films and TV shows, watched House of Cards (oh my Threechum) and ended up revamping my websites!

I’m coming up on my three year blogiversary, and I have never changed the look of my site. A personal blog is like my online living room, and I realized I needed to spruce up the furnishings a bit, to make it more inviting for you all to come hang with me here. What do you think of the new digs? Honest feedback requested: I did the upgrade myself, so I can just as easily change it up, and hopefully it won’t take me another three years to get to it.

The other website that got a facelift is my professional writer site, since i’m on the ol’ job search and needed a more current look. Please check that one out as well, if you have a moment, and tell me if I’m on the right track:

In the meantime, I’ll be home, chilling with my little snuffler. I had to keep her home from school today, because in the rotating musical chairs of health that her preschool plays, Olive is the one without a chair today, because she coughed her way right out of it. It’s a lovely rainy day, so I don’t mind her company. She’s sipping lemon tea with honey, and watching her favorite movie (embarrassingly enough, it’s a live action Disney flick about double dutch, entitled JUMP IN) and sitting as close to me as she can get.

photo (19)

I wish I could give my family’s immune systems a revamp, the way I was able to clean up my websites. I’m off to snuggle my girl close, and watch some pre-teens jump rope.

6 thoughts on “Re-setting the Winter

  1. Oh, the plagues that abound right now! I’m not sure revamping your family’s immune system would help because I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. I don’t think I know a single person who has not been or is not currently infected with whatever this crud happens to be! But you’re doing all the right things: Snuggles, hot lemon and honey, resting. Spring will come eventually and we can all return to health.

    Re: the site revamperation. Hmm. This one, I will have to read more posts, I think, to get used to the new format. It’s clean and elegant but I always find vast swatches of white space intimidating.
    The writer site? It’s beautiful. And welcoming. I could feel my pupils dilate with pleasure when it first popped up and I got my first view. I like that one quite well.

    I send you happy, healthy, healing thoughts and wish for you lovely teas and nourishing soups. 🙂

  2. Looking good! I like the cleanness of both sites – it makes the writing stand out.
    And it sounds like we’ve been having similar past few weeks, lol. I hope you guys feel better soon!

  3. Love the new look and you professional website. I’m technologically challenged, so I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out how to leave a comment. I wish I could give you some. Of my teacher immune system. It’s pretty solid!

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