The Bay Area Reschedule

“What’s this on the calendar for Wednesday night? You’re hanging out with Eglantine?” my husband asked.

“Oh, no, that hasn’t been rescheduled yet, so it is most likely not happening.” I replied.

He knew exactly what I meant – the principle of the Bay Area Reschedule rarely fails. Every social event that you plan is rescheduled, at least once, before it becomes a reality.

rescheduleHere are a few things to know about the Bay Area Reschedule:

1. Resistance is futile. Expect it, accept it, and you’ll have so much less East Coast Transplant Rage.

2. Be gracious. When someone has to reschedule with you, don’t make a big deal. In about five minutes you’re going to need to BAR someone else, so pay it forward.

3. Be classy. Recently a friend of mine had rescheduled our drinks date so many times that I was wondering what was up. She came clean and admitted that it was a reality show addiction that was keeping her in, a common affliction that I could totally get down with. Then she found out what book I was jonesing to read, bought it for me, and had her husband drop it off to me at the time we were supposed to get together. It was a total class act and then when we finally got that drink (someone had to win that reality show eventually), we had such a wonderful time, discussing the book and everything else. This is how you do it, folks.

4. Be truthful. Make sure you’re not giving a San Francisco Yes. Only commit to things you want to do badly enough that you are willing to reschedule them at least once. If you don’t want to go, don’t say you will!

You guys, there’s no judgment. I’ve already Bay Area Rescheduled my birthday party once this month. And that coffee date we both added to Ye Olde Google Calendar? Yeah, we’re gonna need to find another day for that…

East Coasters, I know I’ve horrified you with this shamelessly California Casual post. San Francisco County residents, what are your further guidelines for the Bay Area Reschedule?


4 thoughts on “The Bay Area Reschedule

  1. After three times, change it up. If coffee dates don’t work, plan a movie date, and still go even if they can’t join you. I love the classy lady coming clean. It’s hard to admit life outside the couch doesn’t exist on Thursday 9-11 ( greys anatomy and scandal).

  2. Oh yes, this is such a California thing. We do it down here, too, with much flakiness and space-cadet syndrome factored in. ALSO: It is generally understood that a grace period of 20 minutes of tardiness be given to attendees, because TRAFFIC.

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  4. Love it! Here’s my rule of thumb. Any more than 3 people you’re (re)scheduling with, use a Doodle poll.

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