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  1. The first thing I read of yours was your birthing experience. I was caught up in the event but I also realized you expressed yourself very well. I am so pleased you are sharing your thoughts about your church experience. Again you express yourself so beautifully and part of that is the beauty you, Joel and Olive have within you. Keep on writing.

  2. Hi Rhea-Hi there! I really enjoyed your honest observations about the messy complications and beauty of life. See you around our city!

  3. Hi Rhea, you don’t know me… but I creep on your blog occasionally. I found it a while ago on Julia MacMillan’s facebook wall. I was sending her a message and you had just posted your birth story. I was struck by how similar our birth experiences were (Julia was the apprentice midwife at our homebirth), my husband and I were the ones who coined the term ‘pregatory’ (glad its still in use, lol) and we also had to take our daughter to the NICU. Anyways, I book marked your blog thinking I would send you a message sometime. I’m finally getting around to it 🙂 Randomly, I moved a year ago to kings mountain and live down the road from Jolan Bogdan who also birthed at sage femme and I mentioned your blog to her and she’s in your birth group. So random! Well, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog. You’re a great writer, able to throw everything out there in this really beautiful effortless way and make it meaningful and funny at the same time. You have a talent, keep at it! Thanks for sharing, Carol

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